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3 Lessons from a Highly Sensitive Leader


Feminine Leadership

Do you sense you are different?

It’s over 14 years since I transitioned from my career in technology to coaching and mentoring. It only feels like yesterday. After some journaling over the last few days and reflecting some truths have emerged from my journey. I have come full circle. I am highly sensitive.

I am sharing these truths with you to inspire you and other highly sensitive women to see their truth and what it means for you as a leader today.

Highly sensitives are wired differently with gifts of depth, empathy, connection and intuition. According to research by Dr. Elaine Aron, 20% of the population are highly sensitive. If you are one, there is nothing wrong with you.

Typically highly sensitives are highly conscious and have a desire to make a difference. They extend themselves to make an impact and tend to hide their intuitive skills. Here are the 3 lessons I learnt to help you to understand what it means to be highly sensitive and how you can turn it around:

Lesson 1 Be Yourself

Throughout my career I never knew I was highly sensitive. It definitely didn’t hold me back. Actually it makes total sense how it helped me to lead complex integration projects across multiple platforms and continents and how I then transitioned into being a coach. I was different in my approach and today I embrace it wholeheartedly.

Lesson 2 Find meaning and purpose

When you see the truth of your gift, it changes everything. You become the ‘Royal Advisor’ you are meant to be. The world is calling out for a different type of leadership. I call this Feminine Leadership where you lead from the heart and find your true meaning and purpose from within.

Lesson 3 Honour your gift

Being highly sensitive is a gift for you and the people around you. It takes courage and faith in yourself to embrace your gift. It has taken me time and a journey of self-discovery to embrace my gift. When you see your truth, you cannot undo it. You are here to use your gifts to make a difference.

Now it’s my mission to help other highly sensitive conscious female entrepreneurs and leaders to embrace their sensitivity and lead from their strengths and do business with grace with ease, the new paradigm of Feminine Leadership. I would love to hear your experiences of being highly sensitive.


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