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4 Daily Truths to Remember as a Conscious Entrepreneur

balance-110850_640As a conscious entrepreneur you know in your heart and soul you are here to make a difference. You are here to lead the way for your tribe. Are you ready?

It is simple yet not always easy.

As I stepped forward fears and doubts arose. This may be happening for you too and the good news is that it is normal. The fears and doubts start to lose their power when you keep applying these 4 truths on a daily basis. They will take you from that place of struggle and overwhelm to a place of ease and grace.


Listen to the quiet voice inside you nudging you to keep going. The magic happens when you get to a place of unwavering faith where you know your desire is growing inside you and is seeking to be expressed. The next time moments of confusion and overwhelm raise their heads, bring yourself back to this place within you and quietly trust big time that all is happening exactly as it needs to.


Believe that the universe is abundant and that everything you need is already here. You have the gifts and talent to do what you need to do. You may need some more resources and you will be shown exactly what you need when you need it. The support, love, money, joy and freedom are all here for you – you have to knock and the door will be opened.


This is your inner compass that is going to guide you each step of the way especially in making decisions and trusting in your own abilities and guidance. Remember when you are seeking approval outside of yourself, your answers lie within.


Your truth is being revealed as you take each step and you will begin to see the bigger picture. Be willing to overcome your own story and let go of the unconscious limiting beliefs that are holding you back.


I love these truths. They bring me back on track everytime. As you lead the way as a conscious entrepreneur to support your tribe, how do you bring yourself back on track?


Fidelma Greene is a fidelma-homeConscious Business Mentor who helps highly conscious entrepreneurs who are currently feeling stuck in not knowing how to play a bigger part and affect greater change. She helps them create more freedom, abundance and possibility in their business and life.

She works with conscious entrepreneurs at all levels, whether you have newly transitioned from a full time career or you are looking to take your existing business to the next level. You can book a free 30 minute discovery session by emailing




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  1. I really need to step up too, i loved your video on Melanie Burdock’s group. I really would love to work with you. x

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