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Trusting Your Intuition in Your Business

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What is trusting your intuition in your business?

It is following your inner guidance and it is your own inner compass. Its available to all of us. When you get taken off track in your business and doubts and fears arise, it is about tuning into your own gut instinct and getting back on track.

This is really helpful for you if you are a woman and you want to implement some changes in your business or you are ready to expand and have a desire to make a difference.

The first step is ‘Becoming aware’ that you are ready to make changes. Yes its that simple – you become aware that change is required and you are responsible for making the change. Often we go outside of ourselves looking for the answer. I recently launched a group program and after I launched it I became aware that it wasn’t the right path for now. It is like the confessions of a conscious entrepreneur. I became clear that my work now is to help women on a 1 to 1 basis as that is the best way for me to serve myself and my clients now.

The second step is ‘Asking for Guidance’ for your next steps. Once you are ready to harness your own intuition and get aligned to what you are here to do you will get the clarity you need. You can ask your higher self, your soul, your inner wisdom as it knows exactly what is best for you.

The third step is to ‘Trust Your Guidance’. Yes it is to stop doubting and second guessing yourself and to take time out and space to understand the guidance you have received.

I picked a card today from my deck of The Universe has Your Back Cards’ by Gabrielle Bernstein, Honour How you Want to Feel. This card is so aligned to trusting your intuition. You can really trust yourself when you tune into your body and you are ready to honour how you want to feel. Tune in and ask yourself. This is how you can birth your business in a way that is aligned with your soul and be the leader you want to be in your business and life.

If you are in the midst of a transition and are looking for support to open up to new possibilities to create more financial abundance in your business and life, you can email me at or book a free Possibility Discovery Call here to see are we a fit to work together.


Fidelma Greene is a Conscious Business Mentor based in Dublin who works with women who want to make a difference and grow their businesses to the next level, doing what they love.

You can find out more about her work at or follow her on Social Media at:

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The Art of Surrendering











Each time I have been working on reaching a big goal or change in my life I have always been brought to a place of surrender.

Its like you have come to a place where you know you have given it your all and there’s nothing left to do. That’s surrender.

Many women I work with say they don’t know how to surrender. Having been brought to this place in my life a number of times I want to share 3 simple techniques to help you to surrender.

For me surrender is not giving up. It is letting go of control of the outcome and how a situation will turn out. It’s when you stop forcing or searching for a solution and allowing miracles to happen.

Here are three simple steps:

The first step is become aware that you are ready to surrender. That you have done everything in your capacity to bring about the change and you may not have achieved the desired outcome you wanted in your personal life or in your business.

The second step is giving up the struggle. Imagine you decide to keep moving forward and allowing the divine plan to unfold.

The third step is to have faith. Most of your efforts or actions may have been fear based. Fear of it not happening or  thoughts of not getting the desired result. Sometimes this can be totally unconscious. Imagine if you can put as much effort into faith as you have put into worry or fear. It would have a totally different effect.

These are simple steps yet not always easy in the midst of your daily life. There is definitely an art in surrendering and I am hoping from this you can start to practice these steps and start to see the changes. When I surrender I hand over control to my higher self. This may be the Universe, Spirit, God or Buddha for you. It is a spiritual practice that becomes stronger as you practice it more. I would love to hear your thoughts and experience of surrendering.

If you are in the midst of a transition and are looking for support to open up to new possibilities to create more financial abundance in your business and life, you can email me at or book a free Possibility Discovery Call here to see are we a fit to work together.


Fidelma Greene is a Conscious Business Mentor based in Dublin who works with female entrepreneurs who have a burning desire to make a difference and grow their businesses to the next level, doing what they love.

You can find out more about her work at or follow her on Social Media at:

Facebook at @FidelmaGreeneLeadingChange

Instagram @FidelmaGreene

Twitter @FidelmaGreene

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3 Lessons from a Highly Sensitive Leader


Feminine Leadership

Do you sense you are different?

It’s over 14 years since I transitioned from my career in technology to coaching and mentoring. It only feels like yesterday. After some journaling over the last few days and reflecting some truths have emerged from my journey. I have come full circle. I am highly sensitive.

I am sharing these truths with you to inspire you and other highly sensitive women in business to see their truth and what it means for you as a leader today.

Highly sensitives are wired differently with gifts of depth, empathy, connection and intuition. According to research by Dr. Elaine Aron, 20% of the population are highly sensitive. If you are one, there is nothing wrong with you.

Typically highly sensitives tune in at a deep level to environments and have a desire to make a difference. They tend to extend themselves to make an impact and hide or undervalue their intuitive skills and innate gifts.

Here are the 3 lessons I learnt to help you to understand what it means to be highly sensitive and how you can turn it around:

Lesson 1 Be Yourself

Throughout my career I never knew I was highly sensitive. Your  approach to solving problems and seeing solutions may be different to everyone around you. Trust your instincts and allow yourself to embrace it wholeheartedly.

Being highly sensitive definitely didn’t hold me back when I was it corporate. Actually it makes total sense how it helped me to lead complex projects and situations and how I then transitioned into being a coach. Yet I struggled being self employed as I started to listen more to mentors and coaches than I did to my own intuition. I had to let go of a lot of unconscious beliefs and stories that were programmed into me from an early age.  I had to learn to be myself. I dare you to be yourself and shine.

Lesson 2 Find meaning and purpose

When you see the truth of your gift, it changes everything. You become the ‘Royal Advisor’ you are meant to be. You can see things from a different perspective. The world is calling out for a different type of leadership. I call this Feminine Leadership where you lead from the heart and find your true meaning and purpose from within.

Lesson 3 Honour your gift

Being highly sensitive is a gift for you and the people around you. It takes courage and faith in yourself to embrace your gift. It has taken me time and a journey of self-discovery to embrace my gift. When you see your truth, you cannot undo it. You are here to share your gifts and make a difference.

I would love to hear your experiences of being highly sensitive. How are you embracing it? How can you bring your gift to the world to make an impact?

It’s my mission to help other highly sensitive women in business and leaders to embrace their sensitivity and lead from their strengths and do business with grace with ease, the new paradigm of Feminine Leadership.

Click here to book a free Possibility Session with me.

COM34_333Fidelma Greene, Conscious Business Mentor & Coach

‘Gain more freedom, abundance and possibility in your business & life’


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4 Daily Truths to Remember as a Conscious Entrepreneur

balance-110850_640As a conscious entrepreneur you know in your heart and soul you are here to make a difference. You are here to lead the way for your tribe. Are you ready?

It is simple yet not always easy.

As I stepped forward fears and doubts arose. This may be happening for you too and the good news is that it is normal. The fears and doubts start to lose their power when you keep applying these 4 truths on a daily basis. They will take you from that place of struggle and overwhelm to a place of ease and grace.


Listen to the quiet voice inside you nudging you to keep going. The magic happens when you get to a place of unwavering faith where you know your desire is growing inside you and is seeking to be expressed. The next time moments of confusion and overwhelm raise their heads, bring yourself back to this place within you and quietly trust big time that all is happening exactly as it needs to.


Believe that the universe is abundant and that everything you need is already here. You have the gifts and talent to do what you need to do. You may need some more resources and you will be shown exactly what you need when you need it. The support, love, money, joy and freedom are all here for you – you have to knock and the door will be opened.


This is your inner compass that is going to guide you each step of the way especially in making decisions and trusting in your own abilities and guidance. Remember when you are seeking approval outside of yourself, your answers lie within.


Your truth is being revealed as you take each step and you will begin to see the bigger picture. Be willing to overcome your own story and let go of the unconscious limiting beliefs that are holding you back.


I love these truths. They bring me back on track everytime. As you lead the way as a conscious entrepreneur to support your tribe, how do you bring yourself back on track?


Fidelma Greene is a fidelma-homeConscious Business Mentor who helps highly conscious entrepreneurs who are currently feeling stuck in not knowing how to play a bigger part and affect greater change. She helps them create more freedom, abundance and possibility in their business and life.

She works with conscious entrepreneurs at all levels, whether you have newly transitioned from a full time career or you are looking to take your existing business to the next level. You can book a free 30 minute discovery session by emailing




5 Responses to 4 Daily Truths to Remember as a Conscious Entrepreneur

    • Thank you Caroline! Delighted to find your comment here. I am making a conscious effort now to keep blogging my thoughts and insights.

  1. I really need to step up too, i loved your video on Melanie Burdock’s group. I really would love to work with you. x

    • Hi Melissa lovely to find your comment here. Lets talk and see how I can help you. I will message you. Lovely to connect in Melanie Bundock’s group.

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Are you ready to embrace your Feminine Edge?


Are you ready to Embrace Your Feminine Edge?

Here is a blog I posted recently on a colleague’s blog about my work ‘The Feminine Edge’. Having embraced my own feminine edge, it is an honour and privilege to share my insights in the hope it will inspire you to do the same. To keep it simple I will cover what your feminine edge is, how to use it and how it can help you to succeed in your work and life. All you need is to have an open mind, heart and will and stay open to how and when you will be called to embrace your feminine edge.

What is your Feminine Edge?

The good news is that both men and women have a feminine edge. Your feminine edge is about focusing on who you are being rather than what you are doing so you can step up and change the results you are getting in your work and life. The art of using your feminine edge is to know when to step into your feminine power and when you need to step into your masculine power. This is what I call ‘Feminine Edge Leadership’.

Your feminine edge is your softer and creative side. If you are experiencing any resistance taking on board these ideas it is okay. It is a normal reaction as many see it as a sign of weakness. The opposite is true. When you have the desire and the courage to embrace your feminine edge, you stand into your own true power. If you find yourself saying ‘I know this already’, I would like to challenge you on this as it is one thing to know this in your head and another to understand it and live it from your heart.

IMAG3185_1How do you use your Feminine Edge?

I was using my Feminine Edge in my earlier career in technology and wasn’t aware how I was  doing it. It came naturally. I became consciously aware of it when I started to see a pattern in  how I was getting better results.

When you combine feminine qualities like empathy,  courage, collaboration, humility, intuition (gut instincts) and vulnerability with the  right attitude and mind set you tap into your Feminine Edge.

My experience has shown me that using your feminine edge is the opposite of the typical masculine qualities of ‘power and control’. To tap into your Feminine Edge you bring your feminine side into your work and life where you let go of what is not serving you and surrender to allowing the answers to emerge from within you. It allows you to open up to collaboration and into the infinite possibilities that exist around you to find more sustainable solutions that benefit you in your personal life and work. You learn to connect to your real power and lead from within.

What will be the impact of embracing your Feminine Edge?

People I work with say it is like finding a hidden treasure within that you never knew existed. You bring your thinking and behaviour to a new level where you are more present and you connect with people at a deeper level. As you consciously are aware of your impact, you make smarter and better decisions.


You increase your confidence. You own your personal power and stop leaking power to people and situations that challenge you. You influence greater change in your life and your work.

You make a much bigger impact and affect greater change so you can make the difference you want to see around you. All of this brings more purpose and meaning in what you do and gives you a sense of direction so you can create the desired results you want in your life and work with ease.

Your feminine edge enables you to let go and to operate at a higher level of awareness and in a different zone where you intuitively lead change in your own life that has a direct impact on the people around you.

Creating a better future together

Has this stirred some curiosity in you? If you are at the edge of your comfort zone and you are being called to step up, to make a bigger impact or affect greater change in your life and your work, it is time for you to embrace your feminine edge. As more and more of us step up, we can create a better future together. I would love to hear your comments and questions.

About Fidelma

_DSC0220 (640x452)Fidelma Greene is a Conscious Business Mentor who helps highly conscious entrepreneurs, professionals and business owners who are currently feeling stuck in not knowing how to play a bigger part and affect greater change. She helps them to embrace their true self and find their voice in order to make the difference they want to see. She meets you where you are and intuitively helps you to get to where you want to be.

If you are ready to get your flow back click here to book your free 30 minute consultation.with Fidelma.

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Seeing Time Differently

Digiwomen unconf 3

I attended the Digiwomen Unconference event in the Guinness Enterprise Centre recently and the topic for the day was Time. It sparked many ideas for me on how to value time and here are 3 top insights I took away may inspire you to take a fresh look at how time works for you.

1. Unleashing creativity

To my surprise there was no set agenda at the event. We got to agree and create the agenda as the day unfolded. It worked a dream and we even finished early. For me it was collaboration in action, seeing the creativity being unleashed and hearing the different conversations and ideas being formulated. Going into a room full of technology makers and users unleashed my own creativity.

Take time out to do something different as it will energise you and help you to open up your creativity.

2. Love Time

Throughout the day we had many different conversations about time that highlighted how we all have different beliefs influencing how we perceive time. I was able to share my insights at the event that I used to ‘hate’ time in my earlier days in technology, as I was always under pressure and working hard to deliver projects on time. Now that I am older and wiser I love time and value it more, I get things done a lot quicker and everything falls into place at the right time.

Change your beliefs about time and influence things to happen right on time.

3. Different Choices

digiwomen unconf 5One conversation that stood out was about the cowboy culture that exists in organisations where you are expected to work after 5pm or it shows you are not really committed or may even be slacking off.

From my own experience peak performance does not come from slogging over your computer for long hours and my work practice in my earlier technology career had a lot to do with my own beliefs.

Become aware of your own habits around time and be open to making different choices.

Fidelma Greene is a Leadership Mentor and Coach helping business people to step up and accelerate their results. She is passionate about helping you to unlock your potential and harness your own intuition and gifts to create exceptional results. She has a proven track record of getting results and brings over 20 years of international corporate experience in the technology and financial services sector. She managed multi-million£ software development projects and SLA’s and delivered first class customer service globally.

Photos taken by Clare Mulvany @onewildlife and courtesy of Digiwomen.

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How to manage your career during massive change?

This is my response to this week’s question I have selected from the ‘Ask Fidelma’ questions submitted through my website. Enjoy.


How can I manage change in my career when there is massive change in the structure of the organisation and hold on to my values and what is important to me i.e self belief and self confidence?


Thank you for your question to my ‘Ask Fidelma’, no cost program. It can be an unsettling time during times of massive change in an organisation where you may feel fear of the unknown or threatened in your position. Sometimes the changes may affect your roles, responsibilities and how things are done. We need to allow whatever feelings come in reaction to the change whether it is anger, sadness, confusion or frustration and be with the feeling without judgement. My biggest lesson was that I wasn’t my feelings and that if I resisted the feeling – it would persist. It is about feeling it in the present moment and letting it go.

This reminds me of the little book ‘Who moved my Cheese’ by Dr Spencer Johnson – you can either move with the cheese or be like ‘Hem’ who denies or resists change as he fears it will lead to something worse. Or you could be like ‘Haw’ who learns to adapt in time when he sees changing can lead to something better. I read the book again recently and had a laugh to myself as I could see myself more clearly now and how I resisted change at different times in my career.

It may be an uncomfortable time and sometimes that can be good. It can be a signal that there is an opportunity to grow. Look at all your options, talk and discuss the changes with your manager. Trust that you will manage the changes in your career and believe there is an opportunity lurking here that you haven’t seen yet.

Stay true to yourself and remember it is your career!

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How to approach personal change?

Beauty of a Butterfly (640x494)

Forcing change doesn’t work and I know because over the years I have recognised that when I have tried to force a result in my work and in my personal life, it never happened. I have decided to start blogging again and to change my approach this time around – lets see how the change goes for me!

Here are three practices that I suggest to my clients and use personally for change:

1) Recognising your desire for change

It is really important that you recognise and own your desire to change. People typically change for two reasons: firstly because they have to as the change is forced upon them and secondly because they have had enough at some level and want a different result.

Take a blank piece of paper and write out the answers to these 3 questions:

  1. What is driving your change?
  2. How important is the change to you?
  3. What will happen if you don’t change?

Change is an inside job and the desire for change is part of you trying to be expressed. So own it and take responsibility for yourself by making a commitment that you deserve to allow this change to happen.

2) Engage with the change process

Once you have taken responsibility for yourself and you are clear on why you want to change, it is time to engage with the change process. Obstacles may arise out of nowhere to try to stop you. You may get a cold or ache of some kind or your email may stop working. They are like a distraction that will try to keep you away from the change. Your old beliefs may rise up in your inner voice and tell you can’t make the change.

Observe and notice them and keep going with the change.

3) Keeping an open mind

It is best not to have a very set way of thinking about how the change will happen as this can get in the way of the change process. Get on with your day to day tasks, focusing on the next action you need to do and do it. Visualise yourself everyday with the change having happened and feeling grateful for the change.

I would love to hear your comments about how you approach change!

3 Responses to How to approach personal change?

  1. Hi Fidelma, i was looking forward for an answer to a similar question above. because i am facing a similar problem of CHANGE in my life. thanks to you as i came across your suggestions.
    I will look forward to read your blogs.

  2. Thabks Fidelma..I’m constantly dealing with this type of change…it doesn’t seem to get easier…and the obstacles keep coming..amidst it all I have also seen great signs that I am on the right path….just need to keep the faith and keep strong..wishing you well

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