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The Art of Surrendering











Each time I have been working on reaching a big goal or change in my life I have always been brought to a place of surrender.

Its like you have come to a place where you know you have given it your all and there’s nothing left to do. That’s surrender.

Many women I work with say they don’t know how to surrender. Having been brought to this place in my life a number of times I want to share 3 simple techniques to help you to surrender.

For me surrender is not giving up. It is letting go of control of the outcome and how a situation will turn out. It’s when you stop forcing or searching for a solution and allowing miracles to happen.

Here are three simple steps:

The first step is become aware that you are ready to surrender. That you have done everything in your capacity to bring about the change and you may not have achieved the desired outcome you wanted in your personal life or in your business.

The second step is giving up the struggle. Imagine you decide to keep moving forward and allowing the divine plan to unfold.

The third step is to have faith. Most of your efforts or actions may have been fear based. Fear of it not happening or  thoughts of not getting the desired result. Sometimes this can be totally unconscious. Imagine if you can put as much effort into faith as you have put into worry or fear. It would have a totally different effect.

These are simple steps yet not always easy in the midst of your daily life. There is definitely an art in surrendering and I am hoping from this you can start to practice these steps and start to see the changes. When I surrender I hand over control to my higher self. This may be the Universe, Spirit, God or Buddha for you. It is a spiritual practice that becomes stronger as you practice it more. I would love to hear your thoughts and experience of surrendering.

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Fidelma Greene is a Conscious Business Mentor based in Dublin who works with female entrepreneurs who have a burning desire to make a difference and grow their businesses to the next level, doing what they love.

You can find out more about her work at or follow her on Social Media at:

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Seeing Time Differently

Digiwomen unconf 3

I attended the Digiwomen Unconference event in the Guinness Enterprise Centre recently and the topic for the day was Time. It sparked many ideas for me on how to value time and here are 3 top insights I took away may inspire you to take a fresh look at how time works for you.

1. Unleashing creativity

To my surprise there was no set agenda at the event. We got to agree and create the agenda as the day unfolded. It worked a dream and we even finished early. For me it was collaboration in action, seeing the creativity being unleashed and hearing the different conversations and ideas being formulated. Going into a room full of technology makers and users unleashed my own creativity.

Take time out to do something different as it will energise you and help you to open up your creativity.

2. Love Time

Throughout the day we had many different conversations about time that highlighted how we all have different beliefs influencing how we perceive time. I was able to share my insights at the event that I used to ‘hate’ time in my earlier days in technology, as I was always under pressure and working hard to deliver projects on time. Now that I am older and wiser I love time and value it more, I get things done a lot quicker and everything falls into place at the right time.

Change your beliefs about time and influence things to happen right on time.

3. Different Choices

digiwomen unconf 5One conversation that stood out was about the cowboy culture that exists in organisations where you are expected to work after 5pm or it shows you are not really committed or may even be slacking off.

From my own experience peak performance does not come from slogging over your computer for long hours and my work practice in my earlier technology career had a lot to do with my own beliefs.

Become aware of your own habits around time and be open to making different choices.

Fidelma Greene is a Leadership Mentor and Coach helping business people to step up and accelerate their results. She is passionate about helping you to unlock your potential and harness your own intuition and gifts to create exceptional results. She has a proven track record of getting results and brings over 20 years of international corporate experience in the technology and financial services sector. She managed multi-million£ software development projects and SLA’s and delivered first class customer service globally.

Photos taken by Clare Mulvany @onewildlife and courtesy of Digiwomen.

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