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How to approach personal change?

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Forcing change doesn’t work and I know because over the years I have recognised that when I have tried to force a result in my work and in my personal life, it never happened. I have decided to start blogging again and to change my approach this time around – lets see how the change goes for me!

Here are three practices that I suggest to my clients and use personally for change:

1) Recognising your desire for change

It is really important that you recognise and own your desire to change. People typically change for two reasons: firstly because they have to as the change is forced upon them and secondly because they have had enough at some level and want a different result.

Take a blank piece of paper and write out the answers to these 3 questions:

  1. What is driving your change?
  2. How important is the change to you?
  3. What will happen if you don’t change?

Change is an inside job and the desire for change is part of you trying to be expressed. So own it and take responsibility for yourself by making a commitment that you deserve to allow this change to happen.

2) Engage with the change process

Once you have taken responsibility for yourself and you are clear on why you want to change, it is time to engage with the change process. Obstacles may arise out of nowhere to try to stop you. You may get a cold or ache of some kind or your email may stop working. They are like a distraction that will try to keep you away from the change. Your old beliefs may rise up in your inner voice and tell you can’t make the change.

Observe and notice them and keep going with the change.

3) Keeping an open mind

It is best not to have a very set way of thinking about how the change will happen as this can get in the way of the change process. Get on with your day to day tasks, focusing on the next action you need to do and do it. Visualise yourself everyday with the change having happened and feeling grateful for the change.

I would love to hear your comments about how you approach change!

3 Responses to How to approach personal change?

  1. Hi Fidelma, i was looking forward for an answer to a similar question above. because i am facing a similar problem of CHANGE in my life. thanks to you as i came across your suggestions.
    I will look forward to read your blogs.

  2. Thabks Fidelma..I’m constantly dealing with this type of change…it doesn’t seem to get easier…and the obstacles keep coming..amidst it all I have also seen great signs that I am on the right path….just need to keep the faith and keep strong..wishing you well

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