The Leadership Transformation Program


For leaders at all levels, managers, project managers, coaches, consultants, trainers and creatives who want to bring their vision into reality and create more fulfillment & meaningful results in their business and life
Here is the first thing to know:

I am deeply dedicated to supporting purpose driven leaders to what it truly takes to create fulfillment and success in business today.

My intention is to support you put the foundations in place so you can:

  • Step up and become the leader of your own business and life
  • Get clarity on your vision and strategy so you can make the impact you want
  • Develop your mindset for success and abundance
  • Co-create your own personal roadmap for you to implement your strategy
  • Overcome obstacles where you are getting in your own way.

I have designed this in a way to allow you to express your own unique way of being in business and that allows you to feel good doing what you love and leading in a powerful grounded way.

My intention is to help you to bring your bigger vision to reality through your business and work. To help you avoid going down cul-de-sacs and learning how to make better decisions that are in alignment with you and your business. And to create a business where you learn to put yourself first and that serves you and your ideal clients to the highest level.

Through my own journey I have become aware that it is necessary to embody three key principles to have the success and abundance that you truly desire in business.

These 3 key principles in the Leadership Transformation program are:

  • Connection
  • Communication
  • Consistency.

Connection is the first principle for you to learn on your journey as a purpose driven leader. The key is learning how to connect to yourself and to your business and work in a new way. This is about you connecting to your own intuition and your inner guidance with the right help in a supportive environment with a mentor and a program you can relate to. From there you can connect with your vision, your clients and your business in a more confident and focused way.

Communication is the second principle that is key to your success being a leader who is grounded and focused. This includes the message you communicate on a day to day basis and how you communicate with your clients, your team and all stakeholders you interact with. If you want to make a change in your business you must change your thoughts, feeling’s and behaviours to create real tangible results in your business.

Consistency is the third principle that will help you to bring your projects across the line and see meaningful results. You will learn how to consistently show up, overcome your fears, change your story and learn how to plan and take action in a way that is aligned with you and your vision for your business and life.

Everything in the Leadership Transformation Program is based on 7 steps. Each of these steps were the foundation for my own tried and tested errors and learnings as a leader spanning over 18 years of my career in corporate as where I used them to bring million €projects over the line and being self employed for 18 years where I still use them every day.

7 Step Business Success Roadmap System

  • Bring your vision to life

    You will identify who you want to be & what you want to create in your business, ideas, projects, products or services you want to launch. You will describe what it looks like and how it will make a difference in your life.

    Together we will paint a picture of exactly what you want to create by me intuitively asking you questions and listening deeply to what you say. I will help you to dig deep into your vision so you can see, feel and hear how it will be for you, your business and your clients. I will help you to map these key points out so you will see what your vision looks like.

  • Clarify where you are now

    You will bring clarity to your current situation and systems to fully understand how it is working now.

    You will provide me the details of your current business and how it is working. Again, I will intuitively ask you questions so I can understand exactly what it looks like. You will explain in detail what you do and what is involved with your current situation. These include systems, processes, people, activities, tasks, projects or whatever you use to deliver or do your work.

  • Uncover obstacles

    You will uncover the obstacles or challenges getting in your way of achieving what you want.

    I will coach you to see the key obstacles or challenges you have when it comes to achieving reaching your goals and achieving the results you want in your business. I will gently encourage you to see how you may be getting in your own way and motivate and support you in a direct and loving way so you will clear away your blocks and limiting beliefs that are holding you back. I will help you to overcome resistance to change.

  • Identify the gap

    Identify the gap between where you are now & where you want to be.

    Together we will map out the gap looking at it from all angles, personally, in your business and with your clients.

  • Explore the possibilities

    I will help you to explore the possibilities and opportunities and see ways to simplify what you do and look at how systems and processes can help you to find new solutions.

    I will help you to open-up to new possibilities and we will brainstorm ideas using my wisdom gained from over 3 decades of business experience and help you to list out your options for the solution. We will map out the simplest and most effective way for you to move forward that feels aligned to your vision and how you work.

  • Create a plan of action

    You will identify the top goals you want to focus on to achieve the results you desire. You will identify the steps required to get you from where you are to where you want to be.

    With my support you will work what is involved, how long it will you to take to carry out these tasks, identify the priorities along with the resources needed. I will guide you how to create projects so you can easily manage the changes in your business or how to implement them, so you don’t get overwhelmed.

  • Implement the projects

    I will support you to implement the changes and take consistent action to complete the projects as planned. I will hold you accountable on a weekly basis as you take the actions as identified in the weekly Leadership Coaching Calls.

I will help you to create a project/projects to implement these changes and support you to stay on track and overcome any obstacles you meet. This will include mindset shifts and practical steps to achieve your goals. You will learn how to step up as a leader in your business and how to use techniques and mindset shifts to embody these changes.

We will celebrate every success along the way, and I will include humour and lightness to help you to enjoy the journey as much as achieving the results.

Now it’s about deciding is the Leadership Transformation Program the best fit for you…

This package is for you if you are a purpose driven leader who is looking for one to one support to up-level your business and life. It will help you to bring your ideas into reality and become more focused and confident doing what you love. You will learn how to value and manage your time better so you can lead more effectively.

These are the results you can expect to achieve:


  • clarity about you & your vision for your business
  • self-awareness
  • confidence
  • income
  • productivity & fulfillment in your work.


  • focus & energy
  • time management
  • planning
  • connection with your ideal clients
  • results.
What makes it different to other programs?
  • You will have the tools and support you need to be the best you can be to uncover your true self.
  • You will find solutions that are fully aligned to who you are and your highest potential.
  • You will receive value and quality over quantity and low prices.
  • Weekly Leadership Circle Coaching Calls where you receive support to simplify and transform your business through the 7 Step Business Success Roadmap System
  • Bonus training material – mindset & money mastery, belief change process, managing your time and planning effectively
  • Bonus Online 30-Day Planning Success Workshop
  • 2 Day Community wide Spring Online Retreat – 2nd & 3rd February 2021
  • Additional accountability or coaching calls are available as add-ons to this program at any time during the 6 months

Full payment is €1,500 or pay with 6 Monthly Instalments of €250

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Praise from clients

  • “I had to admit that although I had the ideas that I had never begun my project. By the end of our conversation I had agreed to sign up for her VIP Day. I found the key to unleash my excitement that day. What followed could only be described as a miracle as I visualised the birth of my project with the previous obstacles obliterated. The miracles continued to happen during the weeks after the day as the universe opened up to my new rhythms and fear free actions, seeming to pave the way and help me with every facet. The peace in my life is palpable and ‘work’ is fun. Thank you Fidelma for showing me the way”.

    Sabrina Smith, Health & Beauty, Specialist.

  • “Working with Fidelma embolden my vision for my company. She helped to stay focused when I encountered obstacles. She encouraged me to broaden my original horizon with encouragement and flair. Thanks Fidelma”.

    Susan Morgan, Business Solutions Consultant

  • “I’ve worked with Fidelma in 2015 where she provided strategic advise on my career and assisted me with Management Development. I throughly enjoyed her training and can honestly say that her practical advise has helped me look at managerial processes in a more strategic way. I would recommend Fidelma for to any business looking to develop their employees”.

    Louise McClean, Director of Sales & Marketing, Clayton Hotel Charlemont

  • “After working with Fidelma I have the confidence to make decisions and stick with them, delegate and be a lot more direct than I used to be and this has made a huge difference”

    Alison Poynton, Seven Star Ireland

  • “The roadmap workshop with Fidelma allowed me a space to connect more deeply with my core desires and my inner wisdom. She guided me to define a clearer vision of exactly what I want my business to look like, how I want to feel in it and a clear plan for how to make it happen. I feel more confidence about working with any limiting beliefs or inner challenges in a more creative way. I really connected with how much joy I feel in doing my work”.

    Delphine O’Keefe, Authentic Living Coach and psychotherapist

  • “I was mentored by Fidelma and she gave me such huge clarity on my own personal development as an entrepreneur and woman in business, which allowed me to work to new levels in my business, with confidence, grace, well-being and rich and deeper understanding of myself and others. I fully thank her and totally recommend her to anyone who needs support, guidance and a clearer path to grow and succeed in business”

    Tracy Maloney, MD Celtic Couture

  • “Fidelma is a great intuitive and business mentor who has a wealth of experience and knowledge which she shares at the right pace throughout the workshop. The main goals I got from the day was clarity on my business vision and strategy next steps and how best to approach it. This day was perfect for me as I hadn’t spent any structured time thinking and creating any sort of plan and with Fidelma’s help I was able to achieve this. I absolutely loved the day and came away feeling much clearer on what my next steps are and how to implement them”.

    Marina Beech, Soul Alchemist.

  • “I really enjoyed working with Fidelma. We ‘clicked’ right away and I found her to be a wise and skilled coach, direct yet approachable and understanding. She never hesitated to challenge me but she was always supportive as I found my way to dealing with complex situations. She helped me get more clarity and was a great motivator and inspiration to make positive changes by helping me identify and clear obstacles and maintain momentum”.

    Patricia Hallahan, Director of Education, Research & Training, Our Lady’s Hospice & Care Services

Fidelma Greene is an Award Winning Business Consultant and Coach with over 3 decades of business experience bringing the best out of 100’s of people. She works with purpose driven leaders at all levels who want to have more fulfillment and financial freedom doing what they love. She helps you to simplify what you want to create so you can become confident, focused and grounded and be the leader of your own business and life. She started her own consulting and coaching business in 2004 after she transitioned from her successful IT career creating extraordinary results on projects worldwide.

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