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Meet Fidelma

I’m Fidelma Greene,

FidelmaA business mentor, mother of 3 and intuitive.

With over 30 years business experience, I have motivated and inspired 100’s of people through my work to bring out the best in themselves.

Now as a Conscious Business Mentor and Intuitive I support women who want to make a difference and do what they love.

My approach is practical, fun and creative that helps you to forget about climbing the ladder and instead to step into your abundance so you can do less and be more in your business.

I help women to trust themselves deeply and  honour their intuitive and creative gifts so they can achieve the full success they truly desire and deserve through my mentoring and consulting.

Since 1994 I have been living a spiritual life which led me to giving up the drinking scene, late parties and I started to experience spiritual awakenings. Working in India for over 2.5 years before I finished my IT career really added to my spiritual journey. It was at the end of my time there that I got a strong nudge from the universe to make some changes in my career. I answered the call to make a difference and setup my own business after I was made redundant.

My coaching business came to a plateau after a number of successful years coaching leaders and managers. I upskilled and became President of Toastmasters followed by being President of Network Dublin, a women’s networking group. Yet my business wasn’t growing and things stopped working for me.

I was so used to the masculine approach to business and getting things done.

Then I discovered that being highly conscious and highly sensitive requires a different approach to doing business. And I went on a journey of learning how to show up in a more feminine way in business which I call Feminine Leadership, following your intuition and leading from your heart and soul.

My mission is helping other heart-centred and creative women to overcome their fears of being visible, to find their voice and fully express their soul in their business so they can make a difference on purpose and do what they love. Its like music to my soul to see women learn how to value themselves and heal their money stories.  This allows them to  embody feminine leadership and show up in a more nourished and rich way to become a leader in their own business.

I believe that women can be game changing to bring about conscious change in the world through their business.

My philosophy in life is to be open to miracles and I have had a few: –

…our eldest girl was conceived a month after I decided not to go ahead with the suggested IVF treatment that was recommended to me,

…our twin girls survived a life-threatening disease, twin to twin syndrome while they were in my womb at week 14 in the Rotunda hospital, where laser surgery saved their lifes,

…my spiritual journey guided me to work with my higher self to overcome fears and follow my dreams to let go of my well paid career and set up my own business to help raise global consciousness,

…Winning the Business Award for New Business Category in Network Ireland, Dublin Branch in 2012.

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When I’m not working in my business, I’m either, spending time with Paul and our three girls, walking our dog, in      nature, visiting sacred sites, painting art or going to GAA football matches.

I invite you to book a complimentary Possibility Call with me to explore are we a fit to work together to help you birth the next level of your business with grace and ease. Click here to book your session and I can’t wait to speak with you.

To your success

Fidelma x



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