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I am Fidelma Greene, a conscious business mentor with highly intuitive gifts and

30+ years business experience

Having created extraordinary success in my earlier IT career, I went on a new journey in 2004 to build my own coaching and mentoring business with a burning desire to create financial abundance in my business and life. My clients were getting the transformations yet I struggled to expand my business even after working with the best mentors around. Through my own challenges I became aware of my intuitive gifts and my unconscious beliefs and story that where holding me back expanding my business.

Everything started to make sense including my success in technology leading multi-millionĀ£ projects. I am intuitively gifted with the ability to see the gaps from where you are now to where you want to be. My purpose became clear.

I am here to support female entrepreneurs who have a burning desire to change and to create a sustainable business doing what you love.

Feminine Leadership

It’s my mission to help you to become the leader of your business and life and create more freedom and abundance doing what you love with grace and ease.

This is Feminine Leadership, women leading in business in the New Paradigm, making a difference on purpose.

If this resonates and you are a female entrepreneur with a burning desire to make a bigger impact and you would love to be supported, you can email me at or click here to apply for a free 20 minute Possibility Discovery session to see are we a fit to work together.


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