• Louise McClean, Director of Sales & Marketing, Clayton Hotel Burlington

    “I’ve worked with Fidelma in 2015 where she provided strategic advise on my career and assisted me with Management Development. I throughly enjoyed her training and can honestly say that her practical advise has helped me look at managerial processes in a more strategic way. I would recommend Fidelma for to any business looking to develop their employees”.

  • Sabrina Smith, Health & Beauty Specialist

    “I can only say that I found the key to unleash my excitement that day at your Beyond Boundaries workshop.

    What followed could only be described as a miracle as I visualised the birth of my project with the previous obstacles obliterated. 

    The miracles continued to happen during the weeks after the workshop as the universe opened up to my new rhythms and fear free actions, seeming to pave the way and help me with every facet. The peace in my life is palpable and ‘work’ is fun. 

    Thank you Fidelma for showing me the way!”.

  • Victoria Comiskey, Natural Health Practitioner

    Fidelma helped me to see my potential and what is possible for me. She inspired me to step up and open myself to new opportunities. I am feeling huge gratitude for taking me to a whole new level of service to my clients & in my business.”

     Victoria Comiskey, Natural Health Practitioner

  • Tracy Maloney, Celtic Couture

    I have just finished a workshop, empowering women with Fidelma.

    You must come on it, it’s been fantastic!

    I have been in business a good while now and I never had to think this way. It makes you feel there is nothing you can’t achieve. 

    – Tracy Maloney, Celtic Couture

  • Dympna Armitage, Forever Business Owner

    “Delighted I attended the workshop, empowering women with Fidelma. For 30 years I worked for a boss but in 2014 I started my own business which was very scary stuff. I had no confidence in myself at all but with Fidelma’s help I was able to see my potential.

    This workshop helped me look out for myself, and Fidelma encouraged me to set goals and to set out a clear vision as working for myself and from home was very challenging.

    With Fidelma’s guidance it has lead to a better work/family lifestyle. I am now putting this all into practice, and I am getting more confident month by month, thank you so much Fidelma”.

  • Laura Gioia Rinnankoski, Relationship Coach

    “I had been thinking about what I needed to do, what action steps I needed to take.for a long time and the session gave me clarity, structure, and made me think about things that I hadn’t thought about before. The session gave me great value and I would love to work with Fidelma again. If you feel stuck with something, I highly recommend Fidelma to help you gain clarity and move forward. I now feel like I’m ready to take a huge step forward in my mission and path…thank you Fidelma!”.

  • Marie-Clare Byard, Now Media LIVE

    “I learnt how to set my vision for my business, to have the self-belief and how to allow time for self-care. Met a brilliant group of ladies and we gelled so well! There was a magic atmosphere in the room and came away with positive attitude and the tools with a roadmap of where I want to get in my business in 2017′.

    Marie-Clare Byard, Now Media LIVE.

  • Gillian, Sales & Marketing Manager

    “Working with Fidelma helped me to rebuild my confidence and redefine my goals, I now have work life balance of a challenging part-time job and time with my family. She was great to work with and helped me to renew my energy and to build on my strengths”.

  • Alison, Promotional Sales.

    “After working with Fidelma I have the confidence to make decisions and stick with them, delegate and be a lot more direct than I used to be and this has made a huge difference”.