Meet Fidelma

Hi, I’m Fidelma and my purpose is helping leaders at all levels and entrepreneurs like you, to bring your vision and dreams to life. 

My passion for purpose stemmed when I felt called to take the leap from my well-paid corporate leadership role in technology to running my own consulting business since 2004. It has been a journey to discover I needed to uplevel my mindset and learn how to master marketing and selling. Now I am passionate about empowering other soulful leaders and entrepreneurs to become focused and confident so they can change their money story, claim their worth and create more fulfillment and financial success doing what they love.

I’m married to my hometown love, Paul and mother to three beautiful girls.

Spirituality has been part of my life since 1994 when my Dad died where I learnt to deal with change by being guided by my intuition, surrendering and believing in miracles.

Some pivotal times in my own career and life when I was guided by my intuition include when I became pregnant naturally in 2005 at 40 years of age after I declined the professional advice to undergo IVF, staying calm when our twins survived twin-to-twin syndrome with laser surgery in 2008 in my womb at week 21 and bringing my business ideas to life and winning a New Business Award on Conscious Leadership with Network Dublin in 2010.

I often get asked how I do what I do.

As a Highly Sensitive Leader, I use my leadership gifts of empathy, intuition, connection, problem solving, deep thinker and being deeply spiritual by nature, to lead others to success.

According to Dr.Elaine Aron, the founding researcher on highly sensitive people, only 20% of the population are born highly sensitive. She states that we are a member of the “royal advisor” clan and are coded for success.

Hence this inspires me every day to deeply connect and empower leaders and entrepreneurs to help them to show up fully as their true self and make a much bigger impact with their work.

My experience comes from bringing the best out of 100’s of people as a leader, with a proven track record of getting results on large international projects with MISYS helping to set up the services centre in India, on projects with Standard Chartered Bank, Zurich and the Bank of England, along with coaching professionals and leaders at all levels in my own business. This is strong evidence of how a Highly Sensitive Leader can guide & lead others to success.

I love music, art and the natural beauty of Ireland. You will either find me mentoring leaders or entrepreneurs across the globe to step up to their next level in their career, business and life, spending time with my family or in nature.