Hi, I'm Fidelma, I'm a money mindset mentor, consultant and coach for leaders and entrepreneurs like you. I will show you how to overcome your fears around money so you can get things done with ease and increase your income.

My experience comes from leading large International projects to being self-employed mentoring and coaching leaders, professionals and business owners to achieve results

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Fidelma Greene
Consultant and Coach

I’m a mother of 3 including twin girls. My very first project was in Sligo General Hospital designing and developing their patient administration system in 1985. I love art, music and the natural beauty of Ireland. I’m passionate about empowering women, mindfulness and effective leadership bringing the best out in people.


  • Fadi Khader, Project Manager, CR2

    “Fidelma’s coaching really changed many things in my life starting from work up to personal life and still the change is in progress, I can feel the results every day reflected in the appreciation of our clients and the successful delivery of my projects. So thank you Fidelma for enlightening my way”. 

  • Brenda Henderson, Chair of the Women in Payment’s Network, Fexco

    “Thank you Fidelma for what was an amazing masterclass on ‘How to take Charge of Your Career in 2022′. Real tangible techniques on creating your own vision for success, trusting your own intuition, and stepping forward and taking opportunities’ before you feel ready”.

  • Michael Ward, Head of Consultancy Services, Ex CR2

    “Fidelma has helped our people to raise their performance and deliver better results”. 

  • Louise McClean, Director of Sales & Marketing, Clayton Hotel Burlington

    “I’ve worked with Fidelma where she provided strategic advise on my career and assisted me with Management Development. I thoroughly enjoyed her training and can honestly say that her practical advise has helped me look at managerial processes in a more strategic way. I would recommend Fidelma for to any business looking to develop their employees”.

  • Empowerment Coach & Social Entrepreneur

    “Working with Fidelma has really helped me with my confidence in my business around managing my time and using my calendar more effectively for planning. As I wasn’t experienced on the business side, it was a revelation to value my time”.

  • Director of Education, Training & Research

    “I really enjoyed working with Fidelma. We ‘clicked’ right away and I found her to be a wise and skilled coach, direct yet approachable and understanding. She never hesitated to challenge me but she was always supportive as I found my way to dealing with complex situations. She helped me get more clarity and was a great motivator and inspiration to make positive changes by helping me identify and clear obstacles and maintain momentum throughout the process”.

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