online workshop

This Workshop is for women in business, including change leaders, coaches, consultants, project managers and trainers who want to get focused and confident about planning in their business to create more meaningful results 

I’m here to tell you it is possible. You can find a way that is fully aligned to you and feels good for you and how you work. Imagine having a plan that feels on purpose and helps you to stay on track. 

Let me be your guide and coach to show you how to:

♦Re-set and clear away impact of the last 6 months

♦Reconnect to your Vision and your strengths

♦Learn how to simplify your planning to make your life easier

♦Develop your mindset for Success

♦Increase your Confidence and Motivation to stay focused and on track

♦Create your own personal 30 Day Plan for your business.

What happens at the workshop, Fidelma?

During this online workshop I will to help you to see how to you can use this challenging time to reconnect to your passion and business. This time together will help you to adapt to leading  more purposefully and guide you to create a plan that feels aligned and doable

You will learn how your mindset is so important now and how you can clear away blocks and obstacles that are holding you back from creating the success you desire. Imagine having a business that brings you joy, abundance and fulfillment. I want to help you to find a way to say ‘No’ to the things that are not important and say ‘Yes’ to you and your goals. 

Its your time to get clarity, focus and direction so you can create the results you desire in your business in 2020 and beyond. Let me show you how. 

You will get personal time during the workshop to find new solutions to your own projects and business.  You will have a 10-page workbook to keep track of each area we cover so you can build and create your own 30 day plan for your business. 


Investment is €197   

 Praise from clients

Fidelma is a great intuitive business mentor who has a wealth of experience and knowledge which she shares at the right pace. I got clarity on my business vision and strategy next steps and how best to approach it. This day was perfect for me as I hadn’t spent any structured time thinking and creating any sort of formal business plan and with Fidelma’s help I was able to achieve this.  I came away feeling much clearer on what my next steps are and how to implement them.   Marina Beech, Soul Alchemist.

I had the pleasure of taking part in Fidelma Greene’s workshop recently. It was absolutely brilliant. I learned so  much about how to tap into my intuition or inner wisdom when making business decisions and ended up with a business roadmap of my own. Fidelma ensured, through the exercises we did on the day, that I could really see what it was I wanted to achieve in my business and how I could do just that. I realised that I am my business and the more I plan and visualise what is ahead, the more efficient I will be, leaving time for me as well. I was even able to clear some obstacles that were in my way. The workshop gave me the confidence and much needed clarity to move forward in a way that suits me. I would highly recommend this workshop as it’s full of amazing insights and pulls everything you need together to enable you to have a very personal, yet business roadmap. Fidelma has a knack of putting you at your ease and that helps when working right at the core of who you are and who you want to be. Olwen Jennings, Channel, Coach & Healer.

The session with Fidelma allowed me a space to connect more deeply with my core desires and my inner wisdom. She guided me to define a clearer vision of exactly what I want my business to look like, how I want to feel in it and a clear plan for how to make it happen. I feel more confidence about working with any limiting beliefs or inner challenges in a more creative way. I really connected with how much joy I feel in doing my work’. Delphine O’Keefe Authentic Living Coach and psychotherapist.

“I learnt how to set my vision for my business, to have the self-belief and how to allow time for self-care. Met a brilliant group of ladies and we gelled so well! There was a magic atmosphere in the room and came away with positive attitude and the tools with a roadmap of where I want to get in my business in 2017′. Marie-Clare Byard, Now Media Live.

I have just finished a workshop with Fidelma, empowering women in business. I have been in business a good while now and I have never had to think this way about business.  It makes you feel like there is nothing you can’t achieve. Tracy Maloney, Celtic Couture.

Fidelma Greene is an Award Winning Business Consultant and Coach with over 3 decades of business experience bringing the best out of 100’s of people. She works with professional and creative women in business & entrepreneurs who want to have more fulfillment and financial freedom doing what they love. She helps you to simplify what you want to create so you can become confident, focused and grounded and be the leader of your own business and life. She also works on a limited number of corporate consulting change and transformation projects each year. She started her own consulting and coaching business in 2004 after she transitioned from her successful IT career creating extraordinary results on projects worldwide.