10-point project management guide to get things done

10-point project management guide to get things done

March 22, 2022 | Leadership ,

The Spring Equinox was on Sunday 20th March, so we are officially in Spring. It’s a good time to declutter your work and lives and bring some fresh energy and balance into what you do. Daffodils always inspire me to stand tall, be vibrant and to bloom where you are planted so I have been doing some decluttering in my own business and life and have put my project manager hat back on.

Here are my top 10 project management tips to help you to take stock and see what where you can make some changes or stop doing things:

1. ‘Start with the end in mind’. This Stephen Covey quote reminds us to start each day or project with a clear vision of the desired outcome and results.

2. Believe you can do it and be super clear what is involved.

3. Share your understanding of the vision with your stakeholders and ask for their input. Listen.

4. Clarify where you are now, what is already working well and what isn’t working well.

5. Identify the gaps – double check they are within the scope of your project.

6. Analyse what is involved and chunk it down into manageable sized pieces of work. Remember the saying when you are facing what seems like an impossible task – ‘How do you eat an elephant?’ One bite at a time.

7. Estimate the effort, time and the cost.

8. Explore possibilities to identify the best solution. Innovate or get creative rather than doing what you have always done.

9. Create a plan, get the go ahead and begin to make it happen – implement the plan. You may even end up with several projects. Remember to prioritise.

10. Adapt as you go to overcome any obstacles you meet and celebrate along the way to keep yourself motivated and inspired as you go.

These steps sound simple yet they are not always easy.

As a project manager and coach I help busy leaders, consultants, project managers and entrepreneurs to get out of their own way and deliver successful projects with more ease and less effort.

If you are struggling with a project that is constantly going off track or feeling exhausted being under constant pressure to deliver, I’m inviting you to a Business Clarity Call where we will explore what is getting in your way and how I can support you. Book your call with me here and let’s see how you can get things done with less effort and more ease.

Fidelma Greene is an award winning project manager, consultant and coach who helps purpose driven leaders at all levels and entrepreneurs like you to get unstuck and reignite your passion and reclaim your joy by bringing your ideas into reality. She also provides consulting and project management to purpose driven companies who want to deliver successful projects and make a bigger impact.

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