3 Key steps to take before you build your website

3 Key steps to take before you build your website

June 19, 2020 | Business Growth ,

If you’re not techy and feeling a bit overwhelmed with the thought of getting a new website or updating your current one, check out some lessons I learnt myself from revamping my own website a few times. This blog will help you simplify the whole process.

These tips will also help you with your approach and planning your website and they apply whether you are updating your current website or building a new one.

1. Treat it as a project and have a plan

Revamping or building your website is going to take time and effort for you even if someone else is building the website for you. You will have to define the requirements i.e. the content, the layout of the website and the purpose of the website and liaise with the tech team as they build it for you. So the key is to allow time in your schedule where you will be involved and get clear who is responsible for different parts of the project. Avoid making assumptions. If you need help working the steps out book a free Business Clarity Call with me here where I can help you create a plan so you know what is happening.

2. Get creative about what you want before you design your website

It’s really important that you get clear what is the purpose of your website. Are you going to use it as a brochure for your products and services or an online shop where people can buy your products? Do some research and find some other websites that you like to inspire your ideas.

If you are starting out new in business I would highly recommend you keep it simple. Take the time up front to get clear on your business, your profile, your clients and what you will be offering. Check my bio page here for an example. I help my clients to get clear on each of these steps before they start designing the content and layout of their website. The work you do upfront is critical to the success of your website. Believe me on this one 🙂

One key tip is to avoid the comparison trap – stay tuned into what you want, who you are and how you are meant to deliver your services. Remember you are unique!

3. Bring your ideas together

As you pull together all your thoughts and ideas of what you want and the look and feel of your website you may want to create a mood board or vision board. For example, you can do this on Pinterest or create a physical one yourself.

If you are in the early days of your business your brand is going to evolve as you and your business grow. You will need to decide are you going to invest in branding before you build your website or to go for a simple logo or colour theme for your brand. I personally changed my logo a few times as I evolved – I will cover that in a new blog soon.

Allow for time to get some professional photos of yourself and stock images to represent your business and the theme you want to have throughout your website.

Tune in for my next blog on some of the techy areas you will need to consider.

If you would like a website audit where I can help you to review your current website or to get clarity on building your new website and how you can bring more of you into your business book a free Business Review Call here.

Now it’s your turn, I would love to hear your comments or thoughts, how this has helped you and let me know if you have any questions.

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