3 Lessons from a Highly Sensitive Leader

3 Lessons from a Highly Sensitive Leader

June 4, 2020 | Leadership ,

After a lot of personal reflection and courage I am sharing my own truth that emerged from my journey as a highly sensitive leader. I am sharing these with you to inspire you if you are highly sensitive to help you see your truth and what it means for leadership today.

Did you ever get the feeling you have come full circle? It’s nearly 2 decades since I transitioned from my career in technology to build my consulting and coaching business. It only feels like yesterday.

Highly sensitives are wired differently with gifts of deep thinking, empathy, connection, intuition and being spiritual, according to research by Dr. Elaine Aron, 20% of the population are highly sensitive. If you are one, there is nothing wrong with you. We see and experience the world differently and that is exactly what is needed today to help others to navigate these times more easily.

Lesson 1 Be Yourself

Throughout my earlier career I never knew I was highly sensitive. In hindsight it is a blessing and it definitely didn’t hold me back. It makes total sense now looking back as these qualities helped me to lead complex global projects successfully and how coaching and mentoring has always come so naturally to me. So the lesson is to embrace the highly sensitive leader that you are.

Lesson 2 Find meaning and purpose

When you see the truth of your gift, it changes everything. You become the ‘Royal Advisor’ you are meant to be. The world is calling out for a different type of leadership, Conscious Leadership where you lead from the heart and find your meaning and purpose from within.

Lesson 3 Honour your gift

Being highly sensitive is a gift for you and the people around you. It takes courage and faith in yourself to honour your gift. It has taken me time and a journey of self-discovery to embrace my gift. When you see your truth, you cannot undo it. You are here to use your gifts to make a difference.

Now it’s my mission to help other highly sensitives leaders to embrace their sensitivity and lead from their strengths and do business with grace with ease, the new paradigm of Conscious Leadership. I also provide consulting with one or two companies a year to help them to embrace change and bring more meaning and purpose into the workplace.

I would love to hear from you, what has been your experience about embracing your highly sensitive nature? leave your comments below.

To your success always
Fidelma x

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