How a 30 Day Challenge can help you get motivated?

How a 30 Day Challenge can help you get motivated?

September 17, 2021 | Leadership ,

After my cancer treatment was finished and our holidays were over, I was asking myself what’s next. How was I going to move on and get back to living and adjusting to my new lifestyle?

So, I decided to do a 30-Day Fitness Challenge in August and to share it on Facebook and Instagram with my friends and followers. Doing this challenge was firstly going to keep me moving forward and secondly, it would help me to stay focused on my recovery.

Wow I just loved doing this challenge and I’m encouraging you to do one if you need an extra boost to get yourself through a transition like me from my treatment to getting back to living or in the middle of a change in your work  or business.

Here’s what I learned about doing challenges:

– Challenges create a momentum for change especially when you share them with your friends and followers

– It will motivate you to get up and do the challenge each day when you have personally committed to doing it

– You will have a way and a container of time to develop a new habit for yourself

– It will inspire you to feel good when you are achieving your challenge each day. I couldn’t believe the enthusiasm I had to get up and do the exercise each day. Even when I had to go slow some days as I was building my energy and strength back up

– You will have fuel to keep you moving forward and aim towards your challenge. It doesn’t have to be hard, its more about setting the challenge to your own needs and capability

– Challenges help you to see new possibilities and to do new things

– You will have a growth and expansive mindset

– You inspire others around you to join in or support you through your challenge. People love to help other people.

Now you know exactly why I love them, and why I was led to creating the September Leadership Challenge for you and myself to show up in my business. 

As part of the challenge to celebrate my recovery and being 17 years in business this year, I opened 7 complementary Business Clarity Calls in September to support 7 purpose driven women to get unstuck and to reignite their passion in their business and life. Autumn is a great time to let go of things that are aren’t serving you, habits or behaviours you want to stop and to start afresh.

One of the key lessons I learnt from starting the September Leadership Challenge was to lead with grace & ease. This is a shift I’m personally working on in my business & life.

If you are feeling stuck in your career or business, book one of the 2 spaces remaining in September here. 

You can follow and participate with the September Leadership Challenge on any of my social media platforms on Facebook ,  Instagram or Youtube. 

To help you I’m inviting you in with a 7 day Leadership Challenge I’m running to help you to lead with grace and ease. Watch this short video to see what’s involved and to have some fun!

Now its your turn to share in the comments, I would love to hear your thoughts about 30 day challenges.

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