How can you lead more purposefully?

How can you lead more purposefully?

June 4, 2020 | Leadership ,

Are you being called to rise during these times of uncertainty? To lead others through this time of change and make a difference in the world to deal with the pandemic, the Black Lives Matter Movement, gender equality or wherever you are being called to work.

Its so important now for leaders to lead more purposefully and share their gifts and talents in a new way. When you lead more purposefully you can to do less and be more and make a bigger impact.

Now it is the time! No more hiding. No more overthinking and waiting. With all its rough edges and unknowns give yourself permission to let yourself be visible and dive into who you are fully so you can serve who you here to serve.

If you are a highly sensitive leader you know in your heart and soul you are here to make a difference. It is simple yet not always easy. 

To support you to step forward here are 5 key mindset hacks that I use personally to help me stay on track and to take you from a place of struggle and overwhelm to a place of ease and grace. This is about you leading the way more consciously to support yourself and the work you are here to do. This is self-leadership.

Are you ready?   


Listen to the quiet voice inside you nudging you to keep going. The magic happens when you get to a place of unwavering faith where you know your desire is growing inside you and is seeking to be expressed. The next time those moments of confusion and overwhelm raise they heads, bring yourself back to this place within you and quietly trust big time that all is happening exactly as it needs to.


Believe that the universe is abundant and that everything you need is already here. You have the gifts and talent to do what you need to do. You may need some more resources and you will be shown exactly what you need when you need it. The support, love, money, joy and freedom are all here for you – you have to knock and the door will be opened.


This is your inner compass that is going to guide you each step of the way especially in making decisions and trusting in your own abilities and guidance. Remember when you are seeking approval outside of yourself, your answers lie within.


Your truth is being revealed as you take each step and you will begin to see the bigger picture. Be willing to overcome your own story and let go of the unconscious limiting beliefs that are holding you back.


When you have hope you are holding the positive expectation and desire for a particular thing to happen. It comes with a feeling of trust. When you create from that place you create miracles in your business and life. Remember a miracle is a shift in perception. Faith is like a muscle, you have to work it for it to work.

I would love to hear from you, how have you been coping during the pandemic with all the changes happening so fast? Leave your comments below.

To your success always
Fidelma x

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